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Thursday, 2nd of April, 2015
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Centre Pass News Update 3 Share This Post

Centre Pass 12.10.2012

This week Centre Pass is featuring a NSW Swifts player who was born and raised in the country. Did you know that NSW Swifts player, Susan Pratley, is from the small town of Bega?
Susan is currently 28 years old. She is 180cm tall and goes by the nickname “Prats”. She plays GA (goal attack) and GS ( goal shooter). She has played in the ANZ Championships with the NSW Swifts for the past five years. She has also played for six years in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy side. She has 45 Netball Test caps. She played in the World Championships in 2007, played in the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and 2010.
It is great to see that a netball player from a small, country town has represented Australia at an international level. Centre Pass knows that country kids can often be even more talented at sports than city kids. The hard part for country kids, at a representative level, is the amount of travelling to competitions that is required. For those players who are aiming to be the next Susan Pratley, keep at it, don’t give up, it is possible.
In relation to local netball news, this week we will be introducing a new form to be completed by Managers. We will be asking each Manager to nominate stand-out performances from each netball game in our local competition. For example, the player may be nominated for accurate shooting, great defence or good passing. These details can then be included in our weekly netball report. 
Just a reminder that there is a barbeque each Monday night at netball and a coffee cart. For those parents who have had a busy day and then find themselves in the whirlwind of transporting their kids to netball, please be assured that once you arrive at netball, some caffeine and a tasty sausage sandwich will be available if needed.
Entries are still open for the Cherry Festival Netball carnival. A reminder to prospective representative players to sign-up for the carnival. Don’t forget to make a team with your friends for a fun weekend of netball. There are only three weeks left to register a team. Please check our website or see us at the clubhouse on Monday night to complete a nomination form.
On another note, the Young District Netball Association sends best wishes to all Year 12 students who commence their HSC exams on Monday.
Netball Trivia this week:  There was a thrilling, nail-biting finish in the netball final played between Australia and New Zealand in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, The final went into double extra-time!  New Zealand claimed the gold medal. What an extraordinary netball match. 

Centre Pass 5.10.12

There is only one month to go until the Cherry Festival carnival on 3/4 November. Nominations are available for ladies teams, juniors and mixed teams.  If you haven't lodged your nomination form yet, come and see us at the clubhouse on Monday 8 October from 5:30pm.

Another reminder that the Foundation level coaching course is coming up on Saturday 6 October. Don't forget to complete the on-line component first. Besides completion of the on-line component, there are no other entry pre-requisites to enrol in the course. There is a Coach Acceditation Framework for 2012 which sets out the units studied in the course, they include:

* role of the coach- identifying the roles and ethical responsibilties and developing strategies for working with players, parents, officials and sports administrators.
* basic first aid and a risk management plan for training days and competitions.
*planning and reviewing coaching sessions for athletes.
The presentation is delivered by a qualified coach who has attained more than seven years practical netball coaching experience of representative teams.
There is also a code of behaviour discussed at the course. In the Coach Accreditation framework, the code of behaviour is set out as follows:-"Netball Australia is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness. These values, along with the basic right of all netball members to participate in an environment that is enjoyable, safe and healthy."

This course is so valuable because it emphasises "people skills" as well as theory. For each coach at Young District Netball Association, for local and representative teams,  we will not allow the following behaviour:-

* Yelling at players

:* name-calling

* "Words" with umpires or opposing teams

A reminder to those players nominating for selection in a representative team that you can lodge your application form at the clubhouse. It is requested that all players nominating for selection, participate in the Cherry Festival carnival. For all the players in the local competition goodluck for the next round starting Monday 8 October.

Netball Trivia this week: In the ANZ championships there are State level teams participating from Australia and NZ. The NSW Swifts represent NSW in the competition. The coach of NSW Swifts is Lisa Beehag.

Centre Pass 28.9.2012
There are some important dates coming up for players applying to the Southern Sports Academy for the 2012/2013 season. There will be up to 20 athletes chosen for the Southern Sports Academy squad.  Netball players born between 1995-1998 are eligible for selection in the squad this year.  The selection criteria includes a nomination form, outlining playing experience and your personal goals in the sport of netball.  The try-outs will be held at the Junee Recreation Centre on 13th October and then dependant on initial selection, continuing try-outs on  14th October, 2012. Applications should be forwaded to the Netball Scholarship Program, Southern Sports Academy, P.O Box 8545 Kooringal 2610 and for any enquiries call 6931 8111.  The Southern Sports Academy provides players with competitive playing opportunities. The Academy also provides development and education for players. Workshops offered include leadership skills, goal setting, expectations and obligations.  They also provide workshops relating to sports psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning.
For those local teams, preparing for the upcoming local season, along with prospective representative players, there is now a manual available from Netball Australia, setting out sugggested training programs to improve strength and conditioning for players. This is an excellent resource for coaches. To purchase a copy of the manual, you can follow the links on the Netball Australia website. 
There is also an exciting opportunity available for netball coaches in our area, as regional netball coaches have been invited to attend a Netball NSW "Insiders Series" with special guest speaker Lisa Alexander. The cost is $150.00 per person and includes an 'A' reserve ticket to the match between the Diamonds v Silver Ferns, an education session, food and beverages.
The presentation commences at 12:30pm at the Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park, prior to the the game which commences at 2:00pm.  This will then be followed by the match between England v South Africa at 4:10pm.  For more information regarding attending this presentation, you can call Dianne Brown, Coach Development co-ordinator at Netball NSW on 9551 5013.
In other netball news, Centre Pass supports an initiative recently announced by Netball Australia to help implement a National Anti-Racism strategy.  The three-year strategy seeks to raise awareness of this important issue.  Netball Australia has implemented this strategy together with AFL, FFA, NRL and Australian Rugby Union codes.  It just shows that with sporting codes working together, hopefully we can all make a difference to help stop racism in our community and our country.   
Netball  Trivia this week:   Did you know that there are currently 1.2 million netball participants in Australia.

Centre Pass 21.9.2012
Does anyone know how September came and went so quickly? Thus, the school holidays are upon us. We have very strong registration numbers for the Twilight competition and it will re-commence after the holidays on Monday 8 October, 2012.
During the holidays, there will be a Netball NSW school holiday netball clinic held at Forbes on Friday 5 October, 2012 between 1pm-4pm. The netball clinic is forprimary-aged children. Registrations close Monday 24 September, 2012 and a registration form is available at
We had lots of new beginners join up for our Net Set Go program, which is held each Monday night at 5:30pm. For those new players, welcome to our netball club and don’t forget to practice some of the new skills learned during the school holidays. For parents with beginners in the Net Set Go program, a reminder to sign-up at the clubhouse, when Net Set Go recommences on 8 October.
The Cherry Festival Carnival is being held on Saturday 3 November and Sunday 4 November.  Nominations close on 22 October. The carnival is open to all ages this year, from u'11's through to Opens and Mixed Teams. It is recommended that all players seeking to be eligible for selection in a representative team play in the carnival. There is no requirement this year that representative teams must play together during the carnival, as the emphasis is on the social game of netball and having fun. So for girls who usually play representative netball, this is your chance to invite some other friends along and organise a team for the carnival. You may even be able to convince some guys to give it a go in the mixed section. Way back in the 1990’s  in Young, there was a very well supported mixed netball competition at the Indoor Sports Stadium on Nasmyth Street ( now NRG). At the Sports Stadium, they also held mixed indoor cricket and some other sports. Mixed netball is a great fun, fast way to play netball, so have a think about who you could invite to join a team. It is very entertaining to watch some guys play netball, especially when they are trying to remember not to bounce the ball. It is very common for guys playing netball to forget that the rules of netball are totally different to basketball. At the Cherry Festival netball carnival, we welcome colourful costumes, “unique” team names and most of all, we want to see lots of smiles. We would rather save the “bootcamp” style netball for our representative season. You can print out a nomination form from in the carnival section.
Some other good news, the Young District Netball Association has decided to reduce the fee payable for enrolment in the coaching clinic being held on Saturday 6 October for the Foundation Coaching course and Sunday 7 October for the Development Coaching Course. The fees have now been reduced by 50% as we would like to encourage as many participants as possible. The coaching course is conducted by a representative from Netball NSW.  For the Foundation Coaching course on Saturday 6 October, the fee is now only $32.50. A reminder that if you are enrolling in the Foundation Coaching Course, you will need to complete the free on-line component first.
Netball Trivia:  Did you know that the Winner of the Riverina GrainCorp State League 2012 , was (drumroll please)... the State League team from Young.  
Young defeated defending champions Wagga Wagga in the final 52-34. Also, just to make it even better, Young finished undefeated in the competition.

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